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Hiring the Future of iF
by Lila Zuckermann
Rethinking Bias & AI
by Alison Gazarek
Student Fellowships: The Not-So Secret Ingredient for EdTech Success
by Tia Holiday
Digital Intelligence: Paving the way for a human-centric digital future
by Hina Syed
The CommonLit Public Good
Paying Attention to Burnout
by Christian Anibarro
Student-Centered Solutions: Designing a Student Fellows Program
by Tia Holiday, Nolie Ramsey & Alison Gazarek
The Time to B Better is Now
by Debi Blizard
GIS as a Cornerstone for Achieving the SDGs
by Craig Nakagawa
Challenging Toxic Masculinity
by Jackie St. Louis
The Environmental Impact of GenAI
by Jeff Lindstrom
Artificial Intelligence in Education
by Alison Gazarek
Lessons and learnings from using ChatGPT in consulting
by Samantha Bazant & Jeff Lindstrom
Why ChatGPT is the Tip of the Generative AI Iceberg
by Peter Arbaugh
The Road to Becoming a B Corp
by Olivia Rao
The Five Myths of Making an Impact
by Mike Yoon
Human-Centered Hiring
by Andy Park-Buffelen
Navigating DEI Fatigue
by Jackie St. Louis
From "Quiet Quitting" to "Loud Beginnings"
by Jackie St. Louis
Privacy, polarization, and psychological toll
by Sam Bazant
Responsible Approaches to Generative AI
by Peter Arbaugh
Equitable Hiring Practices at iF
We asked 11 of Seattle’s top HR professionals what’s top of mind
A Framework for Designing Digital Strategy and Innovation
by Jessica Groopman
The Pursuit (and Pitfalls) of Purpose
by Tynan Gable
Five Best Practices for Engaging Lived Experience Stakeholders
Introducing iF's Organizational Design Practice
The Importance of Designing for Accessibility
For profit, for the future of the planet
Introducing iF's New President
iF's DEI Journey
Introducing iF's DEI Practice
The Hunt for How
The Rise of the Chief Purpose Officer
Every Learner Everywhere
Understanding Netflix's Personalization
Elevating Stakeholder Voices
iF Frames: Digital Assistants
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