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Organizational Design

How do you ensure your processes, systems and culture are designed to empower and activate your people to be more adaptive and continuously improve?

iF helps you advance your organizational strategy, structure and culture so you can build the resilient, highly effective organization you need to thrive.

  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategy activation and execution
  • System & structure optimization
  • Process design & improvement
  • Culture change

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Cultural Awareness and Integration

Do all members of your organization buy into a shared mission and vision? Are they motivated, do they experience a sense of belonging and purpose?

iF supports your organization in becoming cognizant of the rich diversity of your culture and understanding how it can be celebrated and leveraged to the mutual benefit of employees, the business, your customers, and other external stakeholders in order to more fully fulfill your mission.

  • Training and facilitation 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Consensus building  
  • Listening sessions
  • Organizational assessments
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Product Design and Development

How do you transform ideas into tangible digital products that best serve your customers?

iF can design, prototype, and build digital experiences that communicate your message, reveal data insights, and validate strategies.

  • Product envisioning
  • UX design sprints
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Data visualizations
  • Website design & development
  • Usability testing
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Envisioning and Storytelling

How do you present your vision and ideas in a way that energizes those around you?

iF uses digital and experiential media to tell compelling, evidence-based stories about an exciting future you'll help realize.

  • Futurecasting
  • Experience design
  • Scripts & storyboards
  • System mapping
  • Video & animation
  • Audience & stakeholder research
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Stakeholder Centered Strategies

How do you transform into a purpose-driven, 21st century organization equipped to activate your full ecosystem of customers, employees, partners, communities and society?

iF helps leaders develop stakeholder centered strategies that operationalize purpose, drive collaborative innovation, generate new value and create long-term competitive advantage.

  • Intentional Learning
  • Benchmarking and goal setting
  • Stakeholder needs & influence mapping
  • Value exchange modeling
  • Purpose activation
  • Measurement systems
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Intentional Learning

How can you and your team quickly get up to speed on a rapidly evolving industry or marketplace?

iF provides deep learning about a sector and its key players so that you can make informed investment or business decisions.

  • Product & service audits
  • Expert interviews
  • Secondary research
  • Product demonstrations
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Reports & whitepapers
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Human-Centered Strategy

What’s the best way to ensure your strategy is sound, and inspires action and impact?

iF uses a human-centered approach to develop strategies that are clear, convincing, actionable, measurable, and responsive.

  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Market research
  • Customer experience maps
  • Interactive surveys
  • Stakeholder engagement
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