Why does iF exist?
Because we can make a difference.

Our mission is to be the most impactful consultancy by advancing the world's capacity for empathy, ingenuity, and effective collaboration.

With learning at the center of everything we do, we use a multi-disciplinary and human-centered approach to define complex problems, develop purposeful solutions, and communicate meaningful missions.

Let's build your future.

Our Team

Michael Dix
Rich Crandall
Alec Leibsohn
Alison Gazarek
Andrew Phyo
Andy Park-Buffelen
Beth Freitas Clark
Camille Lew
Christian Anibarro
Craig Nakagawa
David Lickwala
Debi Blizard
Eric Lawrence
Gabriela Rodil
Gentry Croley
Hina Syed
Isabela Montalvo
J.J. Westfall
Jeff Lindstrom
Mira Patel
Nolie Ramsey
Olivia Rao
Peter Arbaugh
Ryker Nelson
Samantha Bazant
Scott Thompson
Tia Holiday
Tynan Gable

Working at iF

Woman wearing an Intentional Futures hat

Much like the name we've given members of our talented team—iFsters—the iF culture is a tad peculiar, in all the best ways.

Whether it's board games, enamel pins, or cryptocurrency, we're just a bit nerdy about something or other. Our interests vary, but what we have in common is our passion and dedication to making the world a better place.

We pride ourselves on our values of teamwork, rigor, and imagination, and practice them not only in our work but in the ways we engage with all our stakeholders.

Intentional Futures is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and non-discriminatory environment for its employees and clients. Read about our DEI practices and journey here.

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