The CommonLit Public Good

On behalf of CommonLit and Intentional Futures, we believe it is our responsibility to make portions of this project publicly available for other like-minded organizations.

We are sharing two public goods from this project: adapted versions of our recruitment plan and filterable Airtable interface with state by state legislation, demographic, and district information.

  1. An adapted version of the Recruitment Plan. The original version created for CommonLit included project management and planning pathways specific to their organization. We are sharing a shorter version of the final asset that feels most relevant for public consumption: the best practices for district recruitment. Use these to guide your own exploration of and planning for implementation with districts at scale. 
  1. A public version of the Airtable interface. While just a window into the fuller interface created for CommonLit, this adapted version allows users to navigate our “Four State Comparison” and state summary dashboard. In this view, you can investigate and compare things like:
  • State vs. local control and involvement in curriculum and textbook adoption 
  • LGBTQ+ and culturally inclusive curricula requirements or bans 
  • Diversity and equity score 

Additionally, a side-by-side comparison of individual states to each other and the national averages are generated for the following: 

  • Student demographics 
  • Number of Local Education Authorities (LEAs) 
  • Number of schools 
  • Percentage of residents with access to a computer or smartphone 
  • Percentage of residents with access to the internet 

We hope you enjoy these resources and use them for positive impact. Please reach out to our Education Team at if you have ideas, questions, insights on these public goods; share with your networks; or partner with us to create an interface or guide for your institution or organization. 

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