A Modern Data Experience

Defining the Future of Data
Pure Storage


When Pure Storage came to iF, they were well-established as leaders in data storage. Over the past ten years, Pure built a reputation of bucking trends and changing the game. At a time when most data storage still relied on clunky, hard-disk drives (referred to, in jest, as “spinning rust”) they offered all-flash, solid-state drive solutions and innovated further with an Evergreen subscription model that provided seamless upgrades and expansion without disruption. Their customers loved them for how much hassle they by-passed, and the increased flexibility they enjoyed.

Competition started catching on, commoditizing what was once innovative. Pure had to figure out what their next ten years would look like, and how to position themselves for another decade as category disruptors: What did they want to become and why? How might that inform new products and services they could develop? And how could they get investors and customers excited about that future?

What we made

To get to the heart of Pure’s current and future prospects, iF stepped in with a combination of market research, human-centered strategy, and visionary storytelling. We started with rapid learning, getting to know everything we could about data storage and Pure Storage’s history specifically. We brought in experts who had deep knowledge and industry credentials, and interviewed executives and stakeholders.

Through these conversations, it became clear that exceptional data services were no longer set apart by the sophistication of the hardware. In fact, some of these older, clunkier infrastructures were hindering companies from making more strategic use of their data. And that’s where Pure Storage really stood out. Data storage is a costly utility. Data in use creates new company value. In order to continue their leadership into the future, Pure wanted to move beyond being innovators in data storage, and transition into pioneers of the modern data experience.

To help Pure realize this vision in meaningful, actionable ways, iF turned our focus from research to human-centered strategy. We worked with engineers, product, and sales teams to translate the idea of a modern data experience into new product roadmaps and guidelines for new business development. To give these new strategies staying power, we then developed a messaging framework for both internal alignment and outward facing storytelling with presentation decks and messaging documents. With a clear unifying vision and a concrete strategy to realize it, Pure Storage was ready to take the Modern Data Experience into the next decade.

iF worked with a diverse range of stakeholders to enhance Pure Storage's mission across the whole company.

We used iF's own Hilo too to learn about company aspirations and identity.
Then, we moved to identifying shared priorities building consensus.


Before iF came on board, Pure Storage had a strong present but an uncertain future. Now, the Modern Data Experience pervades the company’s operations and strategy. It’s palpable in a few specific ways:

  • New messaging now guides all external presentations
  • The “Modern Data Experience” tagline is in use throughout the company
  • Product, sales, and marketing teams are now better positioned to support growth together.

This last impact is key. Because iF took time with Pure Storage’s executives and key stakeholders to develop this framework, they’re not wasting any time having to cultivate buy-in. With all key stakeholders on board, no one is debating whether they’re headed the right direction – they’re asking how they can go faster.

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