Interactive Journey Map

Boosting Empathy for Customers
SAP Concur
"Improving customer experience starts with understanding the work required to find and use a product. iF creatively illuminated every aspect of our customer journey." –Robson Grieve, former EVP, Concur


For many companies, one key to success is for employees to truly understand and empathize with the journey customers take to discover, adopt, and use their products. From the number of steps required to make a purchase to the process for receiving customer support, every moment matters. But as companies grow and become more structurally complex and siloed, it gets harder for employees at all levels to maintain a complete picture of the customer journey. Concur faced that challenge and turned to Intentional Futures for help.

A snapshot of the customer journey.

Diving in

We began by developing a full understanding of Concur's customer journey. We interviewed sales people, customer service representatives, and members of the procurement team to learn about their process. Then we talked to customers to find out how their experiences met with expectations. Did some moments take longer than they liked? Which interactions were surprisingly easy? We took all this information and worked on synthesizing results.

Building the Empathy Agent

We quickly realized that any journey map would have to be useful in multiple environments: as a printed map on a wall, as an interactive tool, and as a presentation. Starting with the printed map, all 7 feet of it, allowed us to mark up specific moments as worthy of Concur's attention and feedback.

The final product was an interactive "empathy agent" that allowed Concur leaders to see pain points, moments of confusion, and opportunities for improvement in the customer journey. It clearly points out places in the journey that could be smoother, and gives teams agency to develop solutions that not only work for the customer, but that are connected holistically to the rest of the customer's process.

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