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We've conducted 60 Intentional Learning sessions on a variety of topics for some of the most voracious learners on the planet.


Intentional Learning sessions are powerful tools for companies get up-to-speed quickly across the ever-changing matrix of technologies and industries that impact their work. And just as important, they can help a diverse set of people within an organization establish a common knowledge base, which lets them work together to interpret what the learning means for their company, products, and goals.

Below are summaries of three recent Intentional Learning sessions.

Bots & Intelligent Assistants

Bots and intelligent assistants are software offerings that are increasingly using conversational interfaces as the primary form of human-computer interaction. The last few years have seen an explosion of bot and intelligent assistant products hitting the market. We began our investigation by asking “why now?” identifying three key trends fueling the activity:

  • Advancements in AI (natural language processing and natural language understanding)
  • The decline of apps
  • The rise of messaging platforms

With this contextual understanding in place, we then examined the major intelligent assistants and hundreds of bots on the major messaging platforms. At the end of our investigation we highlighted where and when conversational interfaces are most effective and which companies are best positioned to control the conversational computing landscape. We conducted a 3-hour, future-casting workshop, showcasing dozens of products for the executive team of a Fortune 25 tech company.

Digital Healthcare

To fully capture the changing digital health landscape, we realized we had to examine the changing regulatory landscape, the latest in behavioral change theory, and the most current application of machine learning to complex health data sets. We also knew that developing a framework to evaluate how digital tools would change health meant understanding how these three components interact and intersect with one another.

By creating a continuum of care and identifying where digital tools fit within this framework, we could then map gaps and opportunities, coupling our analysis with predictive insights. We facilitated an intensive learning session where we called on experts in the field, showed both the patient and provider side of notable platforms and used our framework to drive discussion around where our client’s capabilities could be leveraged most powerfully to make the most impact.

Agricultural Technology

An increasing world population, shift to urban living, and increased consumption of meat, land, energy, and water were the backdrops to our deep dive on emerging technologies within the U.S. agricultural marketplace that are being used to create more sustainable and efficient solutions. Specifically, we narrowed in on how low-cost, high-resolution sensors, combined with advances in machine learning and autonomous vehicles, are changing the ability to deliver precision monitoring, treatment and harvesting of crops. Similarly, we analyzed how advances in biotechnology have altered traditional agricultural methods while also creating new business opportunities.

After talking to farmers, agricultural startups and robot makers, we uncovered insights for what we think will usher in the next agricultural surge – navigating an often overlooked marketplace that, unlike most other markets undergoing digital or technological disruption, remains opaque to many.

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