The Future of Live Data

Farm to Table Data Analytics
"We wanted a creative concept supported by rigorous research. iF delivered: these videos show the potential of Microsoft business analytics." –Gavin King, Microsoft


What might a day look like for businesses if they could use live data and intelligent systems to make decisions? Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise team wanted to depict that near term future.

We chose three connected business types: a dairy farm, a distributor, and an ice cream shop and prepared to trace their activities over the course of a day.

Research first

In order to portray an authentic and realistic set of scenarios, we went deep. We learned about dairy farm operations, ordered cow health monitoring devices, and talked to farmers about their daily routines. We researched trucking distribution, route planning software, and devices that improved fuel efficiency. And we investigated social sentiment analysis and the business decisions made by ice cream shop owners every day. That information helped us write scripts and create storyboards to tell a story that Microsoft’s technology could improve.

What we made

Working with a partner production company, we scouted locations, conducted casting, and shot a 3-minute video to show specific scenarios for our 3 businesses. We created graphic overlays that depicted live data analytics that were driving decisions.

Short video edit

To reach additional audiences, we then created a shorter version of the video, adding voiceover and focusing on customer benefits.


Seeing data analytics at work in unfamiliar places helps us to see its potential in a new light. These videos helped Microsoft show their Cloud and Enterprise technology in practical and useful ways.

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