Donation Innovation Prototypes

Prototyping ways to improve the donation chain on mobile, with Mint, Intuit, and the Gates Foundation
Mint, Intuit, Gates Foundation
"Intentional Futures has been a fantastic partner to my team as we work to catalyze innovations in giving." –Victoria Vrana, Gates Foundation


How can we get the right information into the hands of givers so they make more informed choices and reward the best nonprofits?

The Philanthropic Partnership Team at the Gates Foundation had the same question.

We partnered closely with design and development teams at Mint and Intuit to design and prototype an app that can help turn casual donors into great givers.

The app would show current and lifetime giving history.

Research & development was the perfect testing ground. People were already using that financial management app to track spending and income, so they were accustomed to monitoring activity. Could they also use it to manage donations?

We designed an early concept then gathered Mint users to find out what was working and where further iteration was needed. We took that feedback and, working closely with developers at Intuit, created an app prototype that would help donors identify great nonprofits working on the causes they care about. We called it Charity Match, and it featured full integration with

Early prototype

This video shows the basic version of the prototype that we used to test our hypothesis. Hundreds of Mint users tried it and liked it.

Our collaboration with Intuit resulted in an exciting concept that has the potential to improve giving for everyone. Watch Intuit’s recap below.

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