Discovering What You Love: Generative AI and Likewise



The graphics shown are mock-ups, and not representative of the actual personal agent, Pix. 


Likewise is a vibrant social platform that makes finding personalized entertainment recommendations fun and easy. Whether a new book or podcast, a movie from Netflix, or a show on HBO, Likewise is the best-in-class tool for finding media recommendations. For years, Likewise’s website, mobile app, and smartTV app have helped people contend with a dizzying array of choices and quickly discover content they’ll love. 

In the Spring of 2023, a new question rose to the fore:

How could genAI be used to power a personal entertainment agent?

Likewise worked with Intentional Futures to grapple with this question and launch Pix, its industry-leading entertainment companion. 

What We Made / Did

We formed a cross-functional project team of technology strategists, technical product managers, and designers to understand the status and possibilities of genAI, as well as ideate a myriad of potential applications for the Likewise leadership team to consider. 

As a piece of then-emerging technology, we tackled several open-ended questions, ranging from the technical to the creative. 

  • What tone should the personal agent use to engage with customers?
  • How can genAI capability complement, enhance, and integrate the rich functionality that users already love?
  • How can Likewise’s deep personal data drive even greater relevance and enjoyment?

We started with an immersive learning period to thoroughly understand ChatGPT’s technical capabilities and restrictions, then moved into creative brainstorming and envisioning sessions with a group of users to understand their needs and wants. 

With these foundational pieces in place, we generated a myriad of creative, actionable possibilities for the Likewise leadership team to consider and implement. On the technical front, we offered guidance on how to manage Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), which allows large language models (LLMs) to access more up-to-date and complex data, increasing the quality of the results returned. For this project, RAG was used to augment the behind-the-scenes work of each user prompt, sourcing data and information from a myriad of Likewise user profiles and up-to-date content sources on Likewise. Building on this work, we designed user flows to guide implementation and ensure a coherent overall experience. Lastly, we provided a host of copy, naming, and interaction possibilities. 


With recommendations, possibilities, user flows, and technical considerations in hand, the Likewise team was well-armed with the components needed to build Pix, their unique personal agent, and integrate it into its connected ecosystem. 

Today, Pix is there to greet each new user the moment they open Likewise’s home page. Pix shares instantly shares responses to user questions in a lighthearted yet informative tone, allowing Likewise users to engage with the platform in a whole new way. The introduction of Pix is an exciting step for Likewise to usher in the next era of media recommendations – try it out at

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