A 5-Year Financial Sustainability Strategy

Leading a Financial Sustainability Strategic Pathway for a global health and development initiative
World Health Organization
“The iF team took a challenging and complex financial tangle and presented it in such a way that could be understood and acted upon by donors and Ministries of Health alike. With the resources and assets we now have, we can begin approaching stakeholders with a clearer long-term picture.” -Jon Carver, Consultant to the WHO GIS Centre for Health



Intentional Futures partnered with the World Health Organization’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Centre for Health to lead two strategic pathways for the Geolocated Health Facilities Data (GHFD) Initiative: Advocacy & Communications and Financial Sustainability. The Financial Sustainability strategic pathway is critical to the long-term impact of the GHFD initiative, as well as the success of the six parallel strategic pathways. Primary objectives of this pathway include identifying financial partnerships and understanding investment needs, for the GHFD initiative.

What we made

The Intentional Futures team developed a 5-year financial sustainability strategy that comprehensively addressed each objective, created metrics for evaluation, leveraged other strategic pathways, and was accompanied by key resources for both Ministries of Health and donors.  

The strategy iF created was guided by three strategic objectives…

  1. Identify the financial needs required to sustainably establish and maintain country Health Facility Master Lists (HFMLs) and the GHFD 
  2. Empower countries to access support to establish and maintain a HFML
  3. Support all other GHFD initiative strategic pathways 

…and included the following: 

  • A donor mapping and tiering exercise (pending cost range associated by tier)
  • Cost estimations for the duration of the initiative, per country onboarded
  • A theory of change
  • Milestones 
  • Connections to Investor Forums 
  • Resources 
  • Timelines
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework 

A map of donors involved in the geospatial for health landscape
Theory of change

In addition to the strategy, iF crafted a template donor pitch deck to serve as a foundational resource GHFD initiatives stakeholders to use when discussing financial sustainability with any stakeholder. 

A slide from the donor pitch deck illustrating the steps taken to determine the approximate cost estimate. 


With a 5-year strategy, the initiative is prepared to increase and diversify donors and help partner countries sustainably strengthen planning and decision-making with accurate and accessible health facility master lists.

To learn more about iF's global health learnings and strategy planning and implementation capabilities, email craign@intentionalfutures.com 
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