A Circular Economy Solution

Reframing a narrative and fundraising strategy for a compostable diaper company
“Intentional Futures provided us with a great combination of industry expertise and research and facilitation that helped give us the push we needed to hone our strategy and approach funders with confidence.” - Jason Graham-Nye, gDiapers co-founder


Founded by Australian parents Jason and Kim Graham-Nye in 2002, gDiapers was a sustainable response to the overwhelming amount of disposable diaper waste created around the world. With an eye towards “no plastic, no pollution, and no waste,” gDiapers launched the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified disposable diaper insert, followed by a fully reusable diaper wrap. Since then, gDiapers has expanded from the production of diapers alone to increasing access to the circular economy through a new branch – gCycle. gCycle supports circular solutions to waste in collaboration with local community leaders by providing jobs, creating economic value in the process.

Despite gDiapers’ strong foundation, innovation, and core mission, supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic and a tremendous increase in the cost of goods and services threatened the viability of the gDiapers core product and long-term sustainability of its business model. To move gDiapers into the next phase of success, Jason and Kim realized that, in addition to funding, they needed long-term strategic partners commensurate with the scale of the challenge they are facing and aligned to the values of the organization.

What we made

From the start, it was clear to iF that an incredible story was present within gDiapers. Our goal was to help tell it compellingly, succinctly, and actionably – and to the right people.

With that in mind, iF and the gDiapers team identified and resolved key elements of the gCycle strategy, built a compelling investor pitch deck with an eye towards an upcoming World Economic Forum opportunity, and created a fundraising strategy for finding and reaching a values-aligned set of new funders. The pitch narrative was intended to present key stakeholders with the challenges and opportunities gCycle solves for, while demonstrating how the first-of-its-kind business model will create a sustainable and profitable circular economy in communities.

iF delivered four discrete artifacts through a set of sprints where we collaborated closely and regularly with the gDiapers team:

  1. Final pitch deck: a highly polished pitch deck to support upcoming meetings
  2. Narrative defined: analyze, refresh, and design a compelling investment ask
  3. Fundraising strategy: iF developed a funder engagement strategy to connect you to prospective funders, including new sources and channels
  4. Business Strategy: iF helped sharpen the gCycle strategy moving forward and deliver a designed business strategy piece which articulates the gCycle plan


To no ones’ surprise, the compelling story of gDiapers was heard, and the organization has quickly garnered support from some of the world’s largest development funders. Following iF’s engagement, gDiapers was green lit to have their project funded by the World Bank, and is in promising conversation with additional partners. With the funds provided by these partners, gDiapers hopes to partner with countries to implement their circular economy solutions into the communities that could benefit from it most.

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