Intentional Learning Sessions

Intentional Learning

How can you and your team quickly get up to speed on a rapidly evolving industry or marketplace?

iF provides deep learning about a sector and its key players so that you can make informed investment or business decisions.

  • Product & service audits
  • Expert interviews
  • Secondary research
  • Product demonstrations
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Reports & whitepapers

In order to compete, organizations need to understand and take advantage of complex, fast-changing markets. Intentional Learning sessions help leaders get up-to-speed quickly across an ever-changing matrix of technologies, competitors, and industries that impact their work. These sessions also establish a common knowledge base within an organization, which leads to more effective insights about what the learning means for their organization, products, and goals.

Intentional Learning is the result of hundreds of hours of research on one subject. Leveraging our storytelling expertise, we arm leaders with the knowledge, frameworks, and first-hand perspective they need to more effectively guide their strategy and investments. In just 2 to 4 intense hours, someone can go from knowing little about a space to developing a concrete understanding of what’s happening, what it means for them, and what they should do about it.

Though each investigation is tailored to an organization’s needs, we always begin by examining hundreds of relevant products, interviewing subject-matter experts, and creating the scaffolding necessary for the evaluation of a market, a technology, and its impact.

Simplifying a market into its fundamental components allows us to generate insights and predictions based on key trends, emerging products, and market opportunities. Our final outputs take a number of different forms based on what a client needs, including research reports, demo-intensive workshops, ideation sessions, or custom interactive websites.

Previous sessions

Past Intentional Learning sessions roughly align to five categories.

1. Emerging Technology

We examine the newest products and trends in a particular sector, with a look to how new technologies and policies help to catalyze innovation. Recent sessions include Robotics and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

2. Industry Deep Dive

A deep dive into one sector, examining the state of its technology, an analysis of the market landscape, and dominant products. The goal is to reveal insights about where the industry is headed. Latest sessions were in Housing Innovation, Voice and Chatbots, and Modern Meeting Tools.

3. Company Deep Dive

Clients select one company and we conduct a thorough analysis of its corporate strategy, financials, and hardware and/or software products. We recently completed sessions on Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

4. Education Technology

Tapping our long history in education, these sessions focus on a current topic that is relevant to educators and innovators. We look at applications of technology, the benefit for students, and what to watch out for. Sessions have included AI in Education, K12 Curricula, and Choice Architecture in Education.

5. Digital Health

Every year we conduct a review of digital healthcare products that are prevalent in the U.S. and beyond. Our focus is on business models, product demonstrations, and services in healthcare.

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