The case for Human-Centered Strategy

Envisioning and Storytelling

How do you present your vision and ideas in a way that energizes those around you?

iF uses digital and experiential media to tell compelling, evidence-based stories about an exciting future you'll help realize.

  • Futurecasting
  • Experience design
  • Scripts & storyboards
  • System mapping
  • Video & animation
  • Audience & stakeholder research

We’ve observed the challenges of designing and implementing strategic initiatives that will truly move an organization to action and results: Most strategies fail to account for the very people who will enact them, and in doing so, they fail to ever drive lasting change.


Truly effective strategies deliver on five fundamental criteria:

  • Clear: Easily understood by everyone in the organization
  • Convincing: Supported by those who will implement them
  • Actionable: Map directly to tactical changes in teams and workflows
  • Measurable: The progress and outcomes can be measured via clear metrics
  • Relevant: They take into account dynamic markets, technologies, and trends

The Process

Strategy is often formulated by the consensus of too many or the command of a singular leader. Each of these approaches fails to deliver on the principles of good strategy outlined above. We engage an agile, representative team of leaders to undergo a rigorous and generative process with us.


By undertaking this iterative process and involving an agile working group of empowered and informed leaders, we formulate strategies that lead with clear objectives, get buy-in from teams, and lead to immediate actions.

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