A Better Way to Survey

iF's survey and workshop facilitation tool available to clients

Much of Intentional Futures’ work centers around our ability to collect and synthesize qualitative and quantitative information from a variety of sources, and weave it into a story that provokes our clients into a different way of thinking.

Oftentimes this kind of survey work is outsourced to third-party models, but at iF we recognize the value of giving our clients the agency to be active participants and owners in the work we do with them. Thus, inspired by a New York Times interactive model and created by the iF Design and Product team, Hilo was born: iF’s own tailor-made survey tool designed for workshop facilitation and equipped with benchmarks for team alignment.

In essence, Hilo helps teams align their thinking to solve an ever growing list of strategic problems while ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

With the tool, users are able to:

  • Create a simple presentation with 11 different question types
  • Use our workshop builder to guide participants through a series of prompts
  • Present results back to stakeholders in our presentation mode, thus reducing hassle and time spent reaching a synthesis
  • Build insights on participants with a data export
  • Save time and templatize work for quick reuse

Our vision for Hilo’s implementation includes adoption by all iFsters and inclusion in all client work where applicable.

In a recent all-company Huddle, the design team demoed the latest version of the product with a survey of iFsters’ personal preferences and personality traits. The following charts were created using the results of the Hilo survey:

1. Spectrum

To measure the spread and frequency of response, this spectrum question notes which response received the most engagement, and towards which end the majority of respondents tended to. In this case, most iFsters feel they are introverted, with no iFsters describing themselves as fully extroverted.

A spectrum distribution of iFster tendencies towards introversion or extroversion

2. Multiple Choice

In this instance, users are prompted to select three options from a multi-select list. The results are then shown as a bar chart. iFsters span a range of fandoms, but the three most popular are Marvel, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings with no Dr. Who fans responding.

Bar chart distribution of iFster fandom affiliations

3. Word Cloud

Best used in brainstorming scenarios, the word cloud question type asks users to free-response with a word or phrase. Words with more than one instance are bolded, and shown larger. iFsters chose to describe themselves as “Empathetic” and “Human” more than others.

Word cloud of iFster self-descriptions

4. Rank

Implementing the rank question type into a survey is useful to demonstrate the spread of opinion/choice amongst a group, as well as to show which is most popular overall. When asked to rank their usage of social platforms, iFsters indicated LinkedIn as their platform of choice overall, with Instagram garnering a high amount of iFsters ranking it as their first most used platform.

Dot ranking of most used social platforms

When put into practice for our clients, Hilo will broaden participation, deepen exploration and accelerate progress towards great thinking, while fostering a strong sense of conviction from all stakeholders. With the buy-in created by Hilo’s powerful collaboration, our clients can accomplish better work faster that lasts and makes a difference.

Want to learn more about Hilo? Email us at info@intentionalfutures.com

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